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Following one of her most successful years in the studio to date, internationally celebrated US techno sensation Michelle Sparks steamrollers into the New Year as she unveils her next huge release on the one and only Octopus Recordings with Yakuza. Out today, January 7, the relentless six-minute cut delivers everything we’ve come to expect and […]

French techno titan POPOF celebrates the milestone one-hundredth release of his beloved FORM Music imprint in January 2022, as he enlists a selection of his all-time favourite producers to provide their own inimitable interpretations of his iconic 2009 hit record, Serenity. Almost exactly thirteen years to the day since the minimal juggernaut first did its […]

Get ready for this ear-catching release by singer-songwriter Orca. Despite being a visually impaired artist (sees less than 20%), he turns heads along the way with some seriously catchy vibes on “Good 4 You.”  The Israel-born virtuoso amazes everyone thanks to his storytelling abilities. In fact, the meaningful and relatable single “Good 4 You” focuses […]

Suppose this Progressive House melody was played at your favorite club or festival. Naturally, the euphoria that suddenly comes from your body seems to last longer. Even though the production quality behind Adam Davenport‘s latest stomper on Alveda Music is based solely on instrumentals, his first single of the year, “Blackout,“ brings a good dose […]

Purple Fly welcomes top Malaysian powerhouses MSPUIYI and Goldfish with their new collaboration “Men-Mory,“ which sees the influencer and model making her debut as a singer and the award-winning DJ and producer flexing his dynamic style. “Men-Mory” is a perfectly produced pop track, complete with soulful and sassy vocals alongside breezy and upbeat melodies that […]

Nicky Romero releases his much-anticipated single “Afterglow” with GATTÜSO and Jared Lee as his first of 2022, kicking off the new year with a hopeful track fitting for a new beginning. The Protocol label boss incorporates his trademark sound by opening with subtle instrumentals underneath soulful vocals that ignite a spark of positivity and resilience, […]

Hard not to remember the song made famous by Blondie and the A-class composer Giorgio Moroder. “Call Me” it’s been the life soundtrack of many people in the 80s, an energetic and engaging song, chosen by the three multi-platinum DJ producers Gabry Ponte, R3HAB, and Timmy Trumpet, to reinterpret it in their style. What a […]

Following the release of the world’s first digital twin metaverse business, DiscoverFeed have just announced the date for the second virtual show of this futuristic alternative. Joining the latest hype that revolves around the fusion of both the real and the digital world, Psy-Trance sensations Vini Vici will be providing fans alike with what is […]

Giadar shares his vision of a world where cats have the leading role. This funny clip for his new single “Techno Felix” sees your feline friends taking over the dancefloor like never before! The Electronica producer who graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston puts into practice theory and harmony. On the whole, his […]

HURTR embraces the sounds of underground electronic music with mind-bending visuals for the first release of the year, “guess.“ The idea of marrying intense beats through dark synths is bound to attract your attention at all costs. Without a doubt, the Portland-based duo creates both visual and auditory tension. Actually, sonically speaking it feels as […]