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Just a few days into 2022, Baby Girl Oksana announces she’s starting off the year with new music. The American-based artist keeps progressing by leaps and bounds, while her upcoming single “The Limit” is about to see the light soon. Get all the details in this interesting interview. 1 — “Messed Up” entered Electro Wow’s […]

It’s been nothing short of an incredible debut year for The Archer and his new imprint, There Is A Light. Having launched the project back in January with his breakthrough EP Lonely Dream, the LA-based DJ, producer and label head has been honing his A&R skills ever since, and now boasts a substantial catalogue of […]

The minimal melodic lines via “OPERATION SMOKESCREEN” feel generally simple. However, the moments of tension behind its synthesized drum pattern call back the hardcore punk days where fighting was common. Within such a perspective, Oklahoma City-based producer CLOSE QUARTERS INFILTRATE introduces you to his newest underground music. Definitely, a unique Deep House release on Stereowave […]

Here are some surprising music trends you can expect in 2025. Analyze and learn in advance how the future will change the world and the entertainment industry forever. 1. Artificial Inteligence This computerized system enables people to gain insights and make decisions based on a variety of data that is difficult for humans to access. […]

Classical music is one of the most motivating genres while not the most popular. This is because classical composers created works of music that have enthralled audiences worldwide and have stood the test of time. However, did you know that classical music has impacted practically every type of contemporary music today? From Pop to Rock […]

Almero returns to Protocol Recordings with another masterfully crafted release, this time in the form of his deep progressive single “Believe.“ The Frenchman appeals to lovers of emotive yet dancefloor-friendly vibes, opening with cinematic melodies and soulful vocals and taking listeners on a gradually intensifying sonic journey. At its crescendo, “Believe” is sure to give […]

As we get close to the tail end of 2021 and face the beginning of 2022, the whole electronic music industry, promoters, ravers, and DJs travel to find in the natural wonders and mysticism of the Mexican Caribbean, the perfect winter escape to dance in the jungle and take a break from the global pandemic. […]

Remember when the only option to sell tickets for concerts was leveraging on music stores? Wow! Time flies and we are progressing. Some folks have attributed the great shift to the digital gap that Covid-19 opened our eyes to. However, that’s not completely correct. Artists have been exploring the use of online music platforms in […]

UMEK’s label 1605 closes out 2021 with a mixed artist EP featuring four peak time techno tracks by Rebel Boy, Julien Earle, Belocca and Subject32. Each of the tracks have been hand picked by UMEK and tested extensively in his DJ sets. America’s Rebel Boy returns to 1605 after the success of his track “Psalm […]

There’s no formula for writing hits, however, optimistic songs have a good chance of becoming memorable. With “Blue Trolley” by Alex Genadinik you’ll soon realize a strong message and quality often go together. As a matter of fact, the original lyrics belong to Bulat Okudzhava, a prominent poet of the last century. On this occasion, […]