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Interview: Dominik Marz & Radial Gaze

Following a slew of impressive separate solo releases over the past twelve months, Dominik Marz and brothers Radial Gaze now team up for an impressive four-track outing on TAU. Both acts have been steadily building their reputations on the underground, maintaining a high level of consistency and captivating dance floors across the planet. The trio have already worked together, dropping ‘Trans’ on Mexican label Duro in 2021. Now they’re back […]

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Interview: Phairo

The enigmatic Phairo newly emerges as a dance music artist after years in high demand producing acclaimed names in other genres such as Bruno Major, ELIZA and Sam Wills. His new project ‘9’ will drop monthly as singles. ‘Galacticon’ and ‘Drum Workout!’ are out now, with ‘Dwemer Sphere’ coming August 12th before the full almost-album drops Sept 9th. Fired up by working on the likes of Bruno’s first two albums, […]

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Super Flu drop ‘Gargamel’ EP on Monaberry

Here’s what you get when you spend your money for a Super Flu release on Monaberry. We’re proud of the way we make releases. By the time we’re through putting together an EP, 190 hands have inspected and handled the tracks. Any one of those hands can reject the songs if they’re not up to Monaberry quality. Keep that in mind as you hear the following music. Super Flu deliver […]

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Best Gym Playlist EDM 2022, Build Muscle And Lose Fat!

Do you spend hours in the gym playing the same old tunes over and over again? I bet your situation is boring as hell, but the solution is so simple, just follow this playlist on Spotify curated by Electro Wow. Building muscle and losing fat while training is incredible because it can change your lifestyle positively, but it’s even better with the proper Dance music. With that in mind, the […]

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Techno & Electronica Producer NHOAH Shares “The Whistle”

In many cultures, whistling or making whistling noises in the morning is thought to attract good luck, good things, or good spirits. Rave sounds mixed with melodic Techno elements are the main ingredients of this banger called “The Whistle.”  Tracks by NHOAH are supported by renowned DJs such as: Who Made Who, Digitalism, Rebūke, Mark Broom, Sister Bliss / Faithless, Paco Osuna, NANCY Live, TSHA, Roger Sanchez, Nicole Moudaber, Freejak, […]

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How To Look Smart At The Poker Table

Playing poker can conjure up two very different images. Sure you can sit around at home in your sweats if you’re playing virtually on the best poker sites, but what if you want some real-life action in the casino? While there might not be a formal dress code for most places, you still want to gain the upper hand before the first card is dealt. One’s attire at the table […]

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Tim Baresko & G. Felix Present Unique Tech House Single “Come Here”

Tim Baresko makes a strong debut on Alok’s CONTROVERSIA with his latest single “Come Here” in collaboration with Brazilian artist G. Felix. The track sits at the crossroads of underground and commercial sounds, fusing ethereal vocals with a driving bassline and deep, groovy melodies. With influences of Tech House and Progressive/Melodic house, Baresko and G. Felix seamlessly create an approachable and yet far from mainstream sound. “Come Here” follows several […]

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World’s 6th Most Supported Producer Mr. Sid Teams Up With Choujaa For “Physical”

The newest release from the Protocol Recordings camp comes from Mr. Sid, the world’s 6th most supported artist by 1001tracklists in 2021, and a Moroccan producer Choujaa, both returning to Nicky Romero’s label with a single release. “Physical” is a sultry progressive track to soundtrack your next night out, opening with organic melodies that build into reverberating, deep basslines, and the vocal performance by LYZZ serves as the icing on […]

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Ronjoscha Brings Damn Good Music To The Trance Scene!

Banging out powerful songs with formative melodies, Berlin-based producer Ronjoscha is a name that you will need to keep an eye on. Nowadays, he’s demonstrating why he’s been a top-notch master in the Vocal Trance scene for over 10 years. In addition, he has worked alongside talented DJs in the game, such as Freeze Emotions, Kenny Laakkinen, and Mike Maass, just to mention a few. Founder of Orange Stripes Records […]

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