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Momento is a fresh new duo formed by two up & coming Australian producers. Formed over a few late nights and early mornings in Ibiza, they bring outstanding productions inspired by the sights and sounds of the paradisiacal destination. Momento brings this sound and showcases some of the world’s most scenic locations with a series […]

SPLASH MULLAH will leave an everlasting impression on you. As a matter of fact, his fanbase quickly began to swell since the music video for “Your Love” premiered back in March, and a big buzz manifested among the Rap community. First of all, his songwriting skills are beyond the standard scope. Likewise, you can tell […]

The group behind Steel City Dance Discs is back again with another club weapon that has been doing the rounds over the past few months. S.C.D.D. Hazmat Team is back with another supercharger. Slipping straight into third gear ‘Bond is Word’ has been road-tested in clubs from Bathurst to Berlin. Produced by Jackson Fitzsimmons and Cody Brassington which make up ⅔ of the S.C.D.D. […]

While Drum and Bass has been a flourishing space in dance music culture for decades, no one has succeeded in breaking it out of its box. REAPER is poised to do all that and much more with the release of his debut album ‘DISRUPTOR,‘ Out now via Bassrush Records. ➤ Download/Stream  Many electronic music […]

Will Sparks continues to capitalize on his adrenalizing prowess with the release of his latest single “Dreaming,” via Spinnin’ Records. In “Dreaming” Will Sparks flips the traditional concept of a rave anthem on its head. Combining pounding kicks, acid overtones, and expansive synths, the new release is an absolute dancefloor dominator from start to finish. […]

When it comes to techno, minimal or even deeper iterations of electronic music, Lampé is a factory full of tricks. Following a slew of career releases on the likes of Jannowitz Records, Recovery Collective and Alula Tunes over the past few years, the genre-defying German producer now announces his long awaited debut on POPOF’s FORM […]

Globally renowned DJ and producer Joseph Capriati is to play three exclusive parties at Amnesia this summer. Each one comes under his Metamorfosi banner on Fridays July 22nd, August 5th and August 19th and they promise to be an immersive dive into the Italian tastemaker’s unique musical world alongside a carefully curated mix of special […]

While the idea of a ‘bedroom producer’, or someone that produces music as a hobby within their own home, is not a new concept, the fact that music technology has continued to become cheaper, more varied, and far more accessible means that it is now more popular than ever before. The internet means that anyone, […]

Music helps people relax, experience emotions, and cope with trauma and pain. It is used in the treatment of various mental illnesses, such as depression. But in the scientific community, there is no unequivocal opinion about the special properties of music. So, scientists are sure that classical music does not help to become smarter, contrary […]

No matter your pain, Psyclo releases a dark-themed EP with 6 tracks to facilitate catharsis from complex feelings. With ‘Slaughter House,‘ she creates a world of twisted emotions inspired by everyday moments of tension, vulnerability, or stress. Naturally, depressing songs for depressed people are becoming more and more common on playlists.  Beyond that, the mere […]