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German Brigante drops Chronologic EP on Monaberry

On the next strike of the label Monaberry (imprint of Super Flu) comes German Brigante. An immersive EP full of surprising elements, essential highs and ecstatic vibes. Hailing from the sunny south of Spain, a historic cradle of vanguard artists, German Brigante native of Malaga makes his way on the basis of talent and effort. These two qualities, are linked directly in the results of what we hear if we […]

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Pretty Pink drops ‘What is Love’

Pretty Pink unleashes her next blast into the world with “What Is Love feat Tears & Marble” on her label Deep Woods. A powerful and uplifting track to the core with embracing basslines, strong pads and synth sounds, crisp build-ups and beautiful haunting vocals. This new club edit is the perfect snapshot of the peak of a sweaty club night and fuses devotion, pure ecstasy and wild euphoria into one […]

today06/06/2022 3

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Super Flu remix Aeyem for Flow Music

Flow Music is a record label from the music publication with the same name, and the imprints new release features a remix from Super Flu along with original music by Aeyem. Grab your copy here. Aeyem who’s a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Melbourne, Australia. He is also a talented DJ who performs regularly at festivals and other large events in his home country, but this is his first official release. […]

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Interview | Questions & Answers With YouNotUs

YouNotUs have a new single with Louis III titled “Samba,” which came out last month. In this interview, you can explore more about the Berlin-based duo, the track in question, and their plans for summer 2022. Happy reading! 1 — How would you describe YouNotUs’ signature sound? We would describe our sound as a mixture of Dance and House with many influences from the 90s. Continue reading Interview | Questions […]

today05/06/2022 5

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Tez Cadey, Khamsin & Majeur Mineur Drop 2nd Collaboration “Movin’ On’”

After their first collaboration on the Electro-Pop song “About That,” Tez Cadey, Khamsin, and Majeur Mineur come together again for the more club-oriented single “Movin’ On’.” This sublime House single released on Egoist Records is about the need to move forward in life continually. It’s about focusing on continuous transition and resilience. A song of hope, the goal of the three collaborative artists with this latest single, “Movin’ On,” is […]

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The Balek Band step up for their debut LP

The Balek Band step up for their debut LP, a gorgeous record of Post-Funk Psychedelica, Caribbean Electronics and otherworldly Rhythmic cuts. As far as Debut LPs go, this is up there. The Balek Band make full use of the Long Player format, this is a record of 9 tracks that work as a whole, each establishing themselves whilst pulling in the same direction as a whole, tapping into different ideas […]

today04/06/2022 4

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New York’s DJ and producer Dark & Stormy drops ‘Feel Me East Coast’ EP on Rejekt Music

2022’s first EP brings 7 jams perfect for spinning in the spring sunshine thanks to NYC’s Dark & Stormy (Hotfingers / Top Billing) with remixes from fellow NYC DJ Joeski (Pokerflat / Crosstown Rebels / King Street), Riki Incoente (Robsoul / Great Lakes Audio / Magnetic) & Columbia’s rising talents Siwark & Hassio (Nervous Records / Monique Music / Antura). Dark & Stormy blends futurism, minimalism, and a return to […]

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