DJ I-van lives in the Netherlands and is a very experienced deejay with over 30 years of experience. He played in the big clubs and discotheques in Europe and has gained a lot of experience. Not only in mixing, but also as a presenting disc jockey. He doesn’t perform much as a deejay anymore but likes to make some different live mixes every week in various styles. Techno music and club style has his preference. DJ I-van has made a big contribution to this radio station by submitting many live mixes to us. Sometimes he wants to give a live performance on radio stations when they invite him. He can mix a lot but he prefers the dark pounding techno beats. During the turn of the year in 2021/2022, he mixed a live show in all music styles for 10 hours. This was broadcast live on a radio station and this would be his biggest live mix set ever. Send him your new music, who knows, he might use it in one of his live mixes. You can reach him via: (we send your email to him.)