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Broj released ‘Revere’

today22/04/2022 3

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Nie Wieder Schlafen is back on course, as we return roughly 5 months after our last release. As we slowly crumble out of the winter season and a long lasting virus lockdown, we are incredibly grateful to open the doors with our newcomer duo Broj. The Amsterdam project shows incredible potential in the realms of the indie electronica space, though has yet to see the appreciation it deserves. With a handful of self-releases and a first release on Minds Alike, the duo has placed themselves on the map for Nie Wieder Schlafen’s rooster in the coming years.

Their debut is filled with 3 diverse productions, ranging between acoustic-focused electronica and slight deep house influences. “Brothers” is a clear statement at the potential range of Broj, already very much capable of creating widely appreciated electronica productions for masses, while the finishing track “Real Eyes” delivers a club oriented vision that feels more stripped, offering deeper spaces within the same framework of the duo’s style, which is already crystalizing in these early days. Main title track “Revere” combines the influences from both directions and is capable to provide a serving from each side of their musical spectrum, as guitar leads and striking hi-hat rhythms gently splash against distant vocal chants and indie synths, all wrapped beautifully with cinematic violins and percussive effects.

Broj seems geared up for the next years and ready for incredible music to be flourishing out of the heads of the two talented producers behind it. The question remains where the focus will be heading towards.. – We are happy to become a part of shaping the answer to that question.

Grab your copy here.

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