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DEENARA drops ‘Axiom’ EP


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By integrating art into her sets, she takes music to the next level. DJ and sound producer with a passion for electronics are the words that characterize Dinara succinctly.

Constantly performing side by side with eminent artists, she absorbs the experience that is implemented in large projects. She has spent many years as a show director and resident of the legendary Kyiv club CHI by Decadence House, which revealed all the facets of her creative soul. Having managed to launch musical waves in Spanish Ibiza, Italy, Israel, Turkey, the Republic of Belarus, and Georgia, she plunged into writing music. Preparing to fully enter the world arena, she finalizes the first tracks, awaiting an imminent releases, which makes it necessary to closely follow its development. Deenara builds the bridge between her inner beauty and the outside world, inspiring people and showing them the true nature of a sound itself. Now she releases her new Axiom EP on the successful label Monaberry and takes us into a completely new world.

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