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DVS1 launches service that will see producers paid for DJ set


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DVS1, has launched desktop software designed to capture the music played by DJs so more producers get paid.

Aslice identifies tracks using a machine-learning algorithm, matching them with producers registered on its system. When their registered ID is added to the track’s metadata, the software will also be able to identify unreleased tracks. Aslice is compatible with rekordbox, Traktor, Serato and as a standalone USB media to read playlists auto-generated on Pioneer DJ products.

Speaking to Resident Advisor, Khutoretsky said the project was in response to the deficit in royalties awarded to producers despite the exponential growth of the electronic music industry, which was valued at $7.3 billion in 2020.

“PROs and music collection societies already charge clubs venues and festivals, and even independent promoters for the right to play music,” he told RA. “It’s literally their responsibility to install these devices and do their job. Millions of dollars are collected each year that never end up back in the hands of the artists whose music is actually played in these venues. Instead, that money gets paid out to the top 100 billboard artists and pocketed by those societies.”

He added: “We need to ask the question: why can’t some of that money be redirected to proper solutions?”

During Aslice’s beta-testing phase in November, 100 DJs uploaded 110 playlists and 5291 tracks. 82 percent were accurately identified and matched. This led to payments for 2,213 producers, with $1.40 the average amount earned per track. Any money not attributed will be channeled into charities chosen by the Aslice community.

“The five percent won’t fix the problem by any means, but it can immediately change an artist’s perspective about what’s possible, not only financially, but with the statistics and information they will get through the service,” said Khutoretsky. “While Aslice can offer its own take on a solution now, I genuinely hope people recognise our community’s power as a larger group and the pressure we can put on old failing systems to step up and do their job.”

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