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Freedom Parade is back to Lodz after 20 years!

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On July the 30th ‘22, after 20 years, the famous  Freedom Parade –  a symbol of openness of the City of Łódź / Lodz, manifestation of the freedom of self-expression and the love of good music, will return to Paland’s second biggest city.

Freedom Parade – it began in Lodz in 1997

For  many years this techno- street parade was remembered by older citizens of Łódź as a culturally and socially important event shaping the modern character of the city.

There were lots of  stories about crowds of colourfully dressed people coming from all over Poland and celebrate their love for techno, hardcore and house culture.  Poland’s famous Freedom Parade is back this summer and will be a part of the 599th Birthday of Łódź city.

In 2022 „freedom” seems to be one of the most important words – current situation in the world  and the war in Ukraine proves, that no freedom is given forever.

The first parade took place in Lodz in 1997 and was back in the days one of the two most powerful music events that took place in Poland in the 90s.

Mayor of Lodz supporting the idea of techno-parade

 We officially confirm that after 25 years since the first Freedom Parade and 20 years since the last one, the parade is coming back to Lodz! We cut off all speculations and rumours, which have been spread by the citizens of Łódź for a while now – the Freedom Parade is a fact. The legend is back! – says Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź, who is  is described as one of the most progressive politicians in Poland.

Techno celebration in Lodz called „Polish Manchester”

During the last edition in 2002, you could see over 80.000 ravers dancing in the streets of Łódź. The Freedom Parade in Lodz was  inspired by Berlin’s own Love Parade and it became a  spectacular event and celebration that united the country’s techno/house/jungle scene for years.  In the late 90’s, a team associated with DJ’s and musicians from Łódź gathered around New Alcatraz Underground Party Organization (a community of artists associated with the New Alcatraz club created a pioneering festival of club culture.

Sounds of the 90’s in Poland

„In the 1990s, the Polish dance scene was quite divided in sound when it came to musical preferences. Warsaw was strongly oriented towards house and techno, while Krakow was dominated by breakbeats: from ragga-garage to jungle and…Krakow’s own Krak-Step genre. Lodz – on the other hand – was an extremely strong center for the development of breakbeat music, especially happy hardcore, jungle and drum’n’bass” says Artur Wojtczak, co-author of the book „ 30 years Of Polish Techno Scene”

English DJ’s and MC’s, who visited Lodz back in the days  felt here definitely at home. Biggest acts of UK Hardcore – movement like DJ Slipmatt, DJ Sy, Ratpack or MC MC spread the good words about the Lodz scene.

Meet us at the Freedom Parade on July the 30th!

We will strike back with a great event, putting some light into the grey everyday life and giving a bit of madness into it! We shall make the streets of Lodz dance to the best electronic music – says Rafał Baran, the co-organiser of the Freedom Parade 2022 ( and the previous editions).

Wanna have your own truck at the parade? Drop us a line:

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