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Geju drops “Horizon Problems” LP on Kiosk I.D.

today16/02/2023 19

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Kiosk I.D. is a record label linked to the iconic Berlin nightclub Kater Blau, which focuses on melodic music with organic sounds and downtempo grooves. Grab it here.

The record label has previously featured tracks by the likes of Atish, Oliver Koletzki, Christopher Schwarzwalder, Mira, and the latest release is a seven track LP by Geju.

Geju are a duo that are well-known within the organic house scene for their chugging grooves with deep atmosphere and flowing percussion. Their music can be found on influential record labels such as Leveldva, The Magic Movement and Ouïe Circle. They are also talented DJs that have travelled the globe, playing everywhere from Burning Man in America to The Gardens of Babylon in Holland.

This is the third time that Geju have featured on Kiosk I.D. following a track on one of the label’s compilation releases plus a remix, but this is their first time dropping a solo release of original material.

The tracks are organic house with tribal percussion and psychedelic atmosphere combined with immersive synth lines.

“Heinz” opens the release with a percussive groove that’s washed in delay to give it an exhilarating offbeat energy that lays the foundation for a trippy vocal sample.

“Implexus” has glitchy textures and ticking hi-hats layered with flutters of textured percussion and a plodding bassline that gradually unfolds with a steady release of energy.

“Yasha” has a stripped-back groove with swirling textures and a steady kick drum that lays a foundation for the mesmerising tones of the off-kilter melody.

“Hair of the Dog” has clanging percussion and tingling bells layered with wood block melodies and liquid textures that add to the steady momentum of its groove.

“Stay Still” has digitised synths and poignant strings combined with dramatic vocal samples that add suspense to the hypnotics of the percussion.

“Rogalik” has an eerie vibe with haunting strings and spooky sounds that intertwine between the minimalist percussion and thump of the kick drum.

“Dub Jail” is another dark and murky track with lots of atmosphere and flickering high-end percussion layered with heavy sub-bass to create a low-slung groove.

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