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Hegstraction prepares the latest in his “Hypnotic Series”

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Hegstraction prepares the latest in his “Hypnotic Series,” set to release on Friday, January 26, 2024. This release marks the second chapter in the ambitious series. Where each track is a letter, spelling out “SOMNAMBULISM.” Hegstraction’s unique approach to storytelling through music pushes at the boundaries of the what you would expect from the genre, offering an immersive experience.

“O” embodies the essence of hypnotic Techno, intertwining trance-inducing beats with deep, resonant sonic texture, pulsating rhythms with synths that envelop the listener. The artist describes “O” as a crucial piece in the narrative puzzle of The Hypnotic Series.

The artists vision for the series is about individual tracks that are all part of the whole, the creation of a larger tapestry of sound that explores the concept of somnambulism — sleepwalking through life.

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