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i-VAN answers your questions

today05/09/2021 1

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We get al lot off questions by email for i-VAN and he is happy to answer them all,

When was your DJ period? I think it was from 1986 untill 2004, I have been a Pro dj for over 12 years. A real Allround DJ talking to the people and sometimes mix in between my performances. The last years of my carriere i had to mix on some shows. That was very nice. I stopped in 2004 because my life fell apart. I was burned out. So many  years playing all by yourself, allways alone (with very nice roadies and driver) but that was my live. It was very lonely and missed my dearest people around me. When you are playing you feel like god but when you drive home it is very quit around you. Norman Cook was right! Eat, Sleep, PLAY and Repeat.

Why do you livestream? It is just to give the people who like to watch or who are interested a view on how i am mixing and record my mixes. It is just hobby to mix. I have been started in 2020 with mixing during the corona crises. I have bought myself Pioneer gear and a new Macbook. I have allways loved mixing but i have stopt for a very long time being a DJ.

Why Techno & Tech House? That is the only kind off music which i have never mixed in my live.

Do you know all your songs? No, i receive new tracks and put them on my hardrive. Then i start mixing, i see at the waves files where i have to mix or start the next record. And sometimes i am wrong 🙂

Do you use Beat Sync? Sometimes, I am an old-skool DJ mixed with Records, CD’s, MP3 playout systems and even mixed on multi track Tape recorders. I am not known with all new DJ gear. I am still learning. I know and feel the BPM, 1 count the beats along the way in my head. Sometimes i use beat sync when the record starts with vocals that i have to mix in. Than this option is really handy. but most of all my mixes are made with my hearing and yess sometimes you do not have the feeling like you supose to have and that you hear in my mixes aswell.

Why Pioneer? I have allways played with Pioneer, in the early versions of the Pioneer CD player they started with Master Tempo. I love that feature because i can jump high and low in BPM. Pioneer has allways been the top product for me.

What gear do you use?

  • Apple M1 – 8 cores – 16 GB mem – 1 TB drive
  • Samsung T7 Touch – 2 TB solid state drive
  • Sounix USBC Hub with 1000 LAN
  • Pioneer DDJ 1000 with Recordbox (hardware unlock plan)
  • 2 x Alesis M1 Active monitoring speakers
  • JVC Everio camera 1080 x 1080 Full HD
  • Nikkei Extreme X6 Action cam
  • 2 x USB / HDMI Capture cards
  • 1 x Magewell USB  Capture card
  • 1 x USB 3 hub

Kind regards Ivan,

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