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Idriss D comments about Pop meeting electronic music

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Over the last years the DJ world has become bigger and bigger, pulling in pop stars and producing more and more record collaborations and live performances. 

We wanted to check this world without being too mainstream while at the same time respecting the magazine editorial and artistic direction and being underground. That’s why we wanted to have a conversation with Idriss D, a much-in-demand DJ and CEO of DB Artists Berlin and Memento Records label owner.

An Algerian artist based in Italy with a company in Berlin, always on tour, constantly traveling and spinning records for crowds all over the globe.

Idriss, nice to talk again , congratulations on your never-stopping career!! Let’s go straight to the point, what we found online doesn’t help , so we want to hear it directly from you.

 What’s the main reason behind the connection between the worlds of Pop Music and Electronic Music?

Hello and thank you for reaching out again !! Basically, as you pointed out, the DJ world went from size M to XXXXL in a few years, which means we are now reaching a much wider fanbase. It’s a new era for our music. We don’t find as many big records on the charts as it used to be…. Dire Straits, Guns ’n Roses or Phil Collins, to name a few…. We find a lot of Electronic music records hitting the Billboard top spots instead. I guess the major labels want the best of both worlds right now, they want to appeal to our fans and supporters, to be under the spotlight and to be relevant…. It’s a genius move and not an issue for me. If the music’s good, then let’s go!!

I believe the world of Electronic Music is also benefiting from this connection with the Pop world, which allows it to reach a more widespread audience. As I said, hopefully the quality of the music will be the most important feature here, and not just a mere marketing and business approach.

Thank you and see you soon hopefully on the dancefloor

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