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Interview: Ale De Tuglie

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 We talked to Italian DJ and producer Ale De Tuglie.
How has the year been for you so far?
1. Hi guys. First of all, thank you for having me. The year is off to a great start, the calendar for these months has been quite full of events, and everywhere I have gone I have had fun and made new connections, which I think is very important. Also, in the months ahead, I have new places on my calendar where I have never been and I am looking forward to going there.
Tell us how you first got into electronic music and why and where
2. I was a very young lad; I was 12/13 years old. I started by seeing videos on YouTube (I remember seeing Richie Hawtin videos a lot). Then I downloaded Virtual DJ on the PC and began to understand how to use it and understand the difference between genres. Then, somewhat for fun, I would have little parties at my house or at friends’ houses and with the PC connected to the speakers I would put on music. Gradually this passion went on until the point where I started playing at the first nights of my peers, I was 15 years old… And so on, step by step, it became more and more serious until today that I have made my passion a job.
What was your tastes back then, what parties and DJs were you into?
3. I was a big fan of MINUS as a young lad. I used to listen a lot to Magda, Richie Hawtin, Matador and the whole scene back then.
Of parties I don’t have very specific memories. When I started, I didn’t pay that much attention to it, I focused more on the DJ. But one in particular I remember: the Time Warp Festival. What a blast.
How has that evolved over time, what inspires you now?
4. On the assumption that I don’t preclude myself from playing anything. If a record is cool and I like it, I play it. But certainly, my sound over time has evolved. What I wanted was to be able to convey my way of being, my character in music as well, and to date I think I have fully hit the genre that most reflects me.
What’s the aim with your music? what is its signature? what do you hope is your musical identity?
5. The purpose of my music, both in DJ sets and productions, is definitely to entertain people. Maybe it may sound reductive when said like that, but in the word entertain I encompass so many details, including bringing a smile, creating a connection with the dancefloor, being able to convey how I feel when I maybe play some particular records. I always hope it gets to people the way it gets to me; I want there to be a feeling between the way I play my music and the audience. It doesn’t have to be just a DJ set, but I would like to be able to always make people go home with a memory, whether it’s for a song or a moment they had while I was playing.
You have been resident at music on – what has that role taught you?
6. This is the most important moment in my journey. Since I have been working with Music On, I have the chance to put myself on big stages, even in front of many more people, and I like that. It’s a challenge for me, I always want to do more and I’m never satisfied. Being in such thick line-ups really spurs me on; I always want to stand out, especially now that I often play in warm ups, a time in the party that I consider VERY important. It’s a calling card for me. I think a good DJ is the one who gets the first people who enter the club dancing and slowly manages to create the dancefloor.
How different is it being a resident vs a headliner? do you approach each set differently?
7. Yes, as I mentioned before, doing often warm ups, I definitely adjust my DJ set differently to when I am the headliner. For me a headliner is the main character and has to set the dance floor on fire. The warm up DJ has to make people dance, of course, but staying within their own… You have to find the right balance to make people go home with your name on their minds but without going overboard.
What is a go to floor filling record for you? one that always works?
8. Explaining it in words would be reductive and I could not convey it best, so I prefer to do it with a track, one of my favorites: Butch – Dope (Original Mix)
What else have you got coming up?
9. I have three very important dates scheduled in late February/early March in South America, including Music On in Medellin, then in the days following I go to Peru and Chile for two more super parties. Then on my way back I stop in England for a gig and then return to Italy for more.
What state is the Italian scene in right now, is it thriving and healthy do you think?
10. In Italy we have beautiful clubs and above all we have so many places that we could better exploit to do festivals, concerts, etc., and that would surely also bring a lot of tourism and make so many activities work 365 days a year. But unfortunately, in Italy we are a bit hindered from this point of view, compared to other places in the world or even in Europe itself. Surely more support towards the scene would facilitate the success of many beautiful things, but in spite of everything we stand up for ourselves and have beautiful parties.

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