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Interview: Bjørnson – all about techno

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The Stuttgart-based DJ and producer Bjørnson has been fostering his talent for raw and hypnotic techno for over a decade and is now fast becoming one of the stand-out names among a fresh surge of underground stars.

With a growing discography of quality cuts to his name, as well as countless performances alongside electronic music’s elite, Bjørnson’s elevation to global recognition is imminent and well deserved. With Releases on Labels like KD Raw, Hypnostate and TREGAMBE Bjørnson‘s catalogue is growing constantly. We had the chance to have a quick chat with Bjørnson about his latest production and techno itself.

Welcome! Thanks very much for your time to talk to us here at Only Techno. How are you today?

Hi, thank you very much for the invitation. I am very well. Thanks for asking.

How would you describe your particular brand of techno?

I love productions with a fat low end and the classic warehouse rumble combined with melodic breaks. I think that can be found in most of my productions. However, sometimes I just get the urge to produce a raw hypnotic track. Like the one that has now been released on the Juliet Fox label.

Let’s talk about some of your new projects, starting with your amazing new track on Tregambe. Can you tell us more about that – which inspiration went into the production?

I produced the track at the end of 2022. The idea came about by chance, as I was actually just trying out different synth patches and jamming a bit that day. When I had the hook, I thought that it could work really well on the dance floor. I sent a first version of the track to Juliet. We had been in regular contact since my release on KD Raw, which she had supported from the start. She played the track in many sets throughout the year and then she asked me if she could release it on her label. I was very happy about this opportunity and I’m very grateful.

How does a normal day in the studio look like for you?

First and foremost, the most important thing in the studio is coffee. No day in the studio without coffee. Otherwise I try to be very structured. I usually work in two hour blocks and then take a break of at least 30 minutes. This way I try to stay fresh and not get tired. You often make bad decisions when you sit for too long. And I usually start early in the morning because that’s when I function best.

If I don’t have an idea, I usually start listening to different sets on YouTube and Soundcloud until I find something that inspires me… and then I get started.

What do you take with you from your gigs into the studio and vice versa?

What I definitely always take home from my gigs is the energy. In my opinion, there is almost no greater motivation than going to the studio after a successful gig. When I test my tracks, I try to remember the crowd’s reactions so I can make any adjustments afterwards.

Is there anything else you would like to mention to our Only Techno community before you go?

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest. Then I would like to start a small call for all the up and coming artists. There are currently a lot of young artists who make music with a lot of heart and soul, but in today’s world, when it’s all about numbers on social networks, they hardly get any attention. You can help them! Follow them, like and comment on their posts. It doesn’t cost you anything except a few seconds…and it means a lot to us!

With that in mind, thank you very much and take care of yourselves!

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