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Interview: Brigado Crew

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Brian Harrison and Martin Kasall became acquainted with each other all the way back in 2012, while exchanging musical ideas which materialized in diverse subsequent projects. This interaction gave rise to the creation of the alias Brigado Crew. Throughout their career, they have released their music on several dance music labels worldwide, such as Diynamic, Stil vor Talent, Katermukke, MoBLack, Jeudi, and many many more. Now after just releasing their first single “Unknown Lifeform” on their own label Symbiosis, we caught up with them to find out how it came about, and how they work whilst in the studio…


Hey Brigado Crew! Great to chat with you guys! What’s your 2023 been like so far?

Hello guys great to chat too 🙂 2023 is going really really fun and interesting for us, imagine we are making our dream comes true launching our label after thinking on it for 2 years.
What is your signature sound and how long did it take you to find it?
Our signature for producing music is melodic house & techno. We always love melodic stuff in our tracks and mixed with strong elements to make it groovy and special for the dancefloor.
What is it that draws you to dance music in particular?
The connection between the djs (we haha) and the people. The feeling to connect with someone without speaking and without seeing each other before but only with music is amazing and we love it!
Tell us about the new single for Symbiosis – what was the aim?
Well the aim is to show to the world our label, to face our own path with our music and with other artists we like.
Where did you start on the tune?
We started building the breakdown with the melody and harmony and after that we create each part to fit in the track.
How long did it take, and was there an idea to start with or did you just experiment?
It took us one month approximately, and we did it especially to be the first track of our label as a single.
How do you know when a track is done and finished?
When both of us listen to it more than one time and of course after testing on the dancefloor to make the final check. 
What else are you working on now?
Well that’s a little secret haha but we can let you know that there are some very nice releases coming for the Brigado Crew on Stil vor Talent, Radikon. Then for our label Symbiosis we have planned a huge VA with amazing artists and an epic remix from an experienced artist. 
What one bit of gear did you wish you opened in the studio?
Honestly we are not so into and fans of any special setup. Of course we love synths but we trust a lot on software equipment. 
What’s the proudest moment of your career so far?
Pfff hard question, thank god we have many good moments in our career. For example now is one cause we are launching our own label. The day we reached #1 on Beatport sales with our track Zulu. The first gig we had as Brigado Crew, the first international tour we did. And many many other ones… 🙂
Brigado Crew’s “Unknown Lifeform” is out now on their new label Symbiosis
Grab it here

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