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Interview: Christian Smith

today21/02/2022 1

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CryptoDJs – the brand new NFT concept offering unique digital collectable cards of some of the world’s most respected electronic music artists – launches today, February 9, on the Polygon blockchain.

Created by a small group of DJs, music lovers and experts from across the music industry, CryptoDJs offers new ways for to fans to engage with their favourite artists, by opening up access to exclusive communities and content through collectable NFTs.

The platform launches with the ‘Genesis Drop’ sale of digital cards for eight internationally renowned techno artists – Pig&Dan, Christian Smith, Simina Grigoriu, Victor Ruiz, Gregor Tresher, Mark Reeve, Wehbba and Ken Ishii.

To mark today’s launch, we caught up with Crypto DJs brand ambassador and Tronic Music label boss Christian Smith to learn more. Here’s how it went down.

Hey Christian, great to have you with us here at Only Techno. How are you?

Hello. I’m fine thanks. I’m actually in Montanitas, Ecuador right now. Its a bit of a hippie beach town in the pacific coast of Ecuador. Just ended my South America tour here. Going for a quick swim after the interview, then have 3 flights back home to Europe.

2022 off to a good start?

A very slow start but it seems that things are finally opening up again, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Two years of ‘forced retirement’ was a bit much. I cannot wait to start touring heavily again asap! I got a month-long US tour in March, and back again to South American in April. So I am very grateful, and hope that by May Europe will be fully open again.

Let’s talk about your imminent NFT project launch with CryptoDJs. First things first, and for those of our readers that may not know, what exactly is CryptoDJs?

Crypto DJs are NFT trading cards. Just like baseball trading cards. All cards have a limited edition and will be traded. What makes the Crypto DJ’s unique is that you have real people behind the product with real fanbases. As you have seen with many other NFT’s, most of them are just computer generated images. I am super excited about Crypto DJ’s because to me it makes TOTAL sense and is something that is fun and will grow over time.

Can you tell us about how you became involved in this project?

I am very good friends with one of the partners of Crypto DJs, Dan from Pig&Dan. Besides music he is also heavily into art and has a very good eye for design! The rest of the team is really impressive, from the ex-COO of Soundcloud, to some of the top visual designers of the world. I am super excited because this project is a great idea, and there is a super strong team behind it!

You are one of the first ambassadors for CryptoDJs alongside seven other very well respected techno artists. What does your involvement the project mean to you?

It’s exciting to be part of something that actually makes total sense. I have seen many other NFT’s some are great, but many lack the strong ideas and funtional teams behind them. Here we have both, so I am very confident that this NFT will work. Besides being an ambassador, I also help sourcing the talent. As I have been in the industry for 20+ years I know most of the DJ’s around also outside the world of techno.

Do you have any prior experience in the world of NFTs or is this your first project?

Given that the world of NFT’s is so new, I do not have any prior experience in it. I do, however, have masters degree in economics, used to work in corporate finance, before I became a full time touring DJ.  This NFT is super exciting for me for two rseasons. 1: The Idea 2: The team behind the idea.

What do you think the future holds for the NFT and blockchain space?

I still believe that we are in the infant stages of this technology and that there is immense growth ahead of us. It is undeniable that blockchain will help businesses all over the world become more efficient. Also at first I was a little hesitant about buying digital art such as NFT’s. I was not sure that it translated equally to normal art. But it really does. I recently read that now the NFT art world sales has overtaken the physical arts. All in the span of 1 year! It’s inanse! All the main auction houses such as Sotheby’s etc are fully working with NFT’s now and now is the time to get involved.

Back in the ‘real world’, what else is going on with Christian Smith. Do you have any other projects coming up this year that you can share with our readers?

While having my massive break from touring I had lots of time to concentrate on my music productions. The fruits of my labour are finally coming out soon on Eric Prydz’s Pryda label, Patrick Topping’s Trick label, Ben Sim’s Symbolism label, my own Tronic label and I’m working on some stuff for Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label. All about working hard doing what you love!

Thanks very much for your time Christian. We wish you all the best for 2022!

My pleasure.

CryptoDJs launches today, February 9, at 7pm CET. Find out more at

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