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Interview: Denise Schneider

today07/03/2023 14

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Denise Schneider discovered her love for electronic music through her work in the nightlife. By mentoring the artists, her curiosity about the big picture was aroused. Since then she has been playing at popular clubs and countless major festivals around the world. Now with a recent single “The First Rebirth” on Complexed Records, we caught up with her to find out how her 2023 has started off…

Hey Denise, how was the year 2023 for you so far?

At the turn of the year we were studio wise in Los Angeles. It was a great experience and lots of fun. The output was superb. End of January we went to Miami shooting the video for my upcoming single “The First Rebirth”. My team and me spent wonderful days there. 2023 has already started very exciting. I hope it can go on like this.

Tell us how you got into electronic music.

My passion for electronic music came with the decision of working in nightlife. That’s how I stepped into the club business, met my later husband Mario, a club owner, and got in touch with electronic music. Through Mario, after some time, I also managed to get into the music business. A rather ill-considered idea turned quickly into what I am doing today.

What were your tastes back then, which parties and DJs were you into?

To be honest I was addicted to many genres. I have found myself in many musical genres. I love music in all its forms and facets. On the electronic field all started with house music. Later on I discovered lots of great vibes in Big Room music. Year by year it became more profound to me. I could always indentify myself with techno. The parties, the vibe, the equal treatment of everyone.

I’ve been to a huge amount of really cool parties all over the world. Great moments I will never forget in my life. Parties like Cocoon, Circoloco, Afterlife, Do Not Sleep are unforgettable. Artists like Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Nina Kraviz, Sven Väth or Ricardo Villalobos have influenced me from the beginning.

Who were your idols? Who did you look up to?

Monika Kruse was and is an absolute role model for me. The love and the passion, the continuity, the calmness she radiates. Even now she has taken time off, you can feel that she is always reflecting on herself. I love that very much.

Were more of them female? Does it matter? Should everyone see themselves in such positions to inspire the next generation?

It doesn’t matter at all if female or male. You should look for role models from other points of view. Is the person a good artist, a good producer, a good human? Do you draw parallels to your own career? Do you want to add to your own great qualities the qualities of your role model? Does this person have them? These are questions you should ask yourself. Not what gender someone is.

What is the goal of your music? What is your trademark? What do you hope your musical identity will be?

The goal of my music is to give people joy and a good time. Music in which they can also find themselves. I have never pursued a real trademark with it. In the first moment it is always about how I feel and what I feel. I switch between acid techno, melodic techno and peak time techno. Between remakes that have accompanied me for the last decades and my own creations. If people can party with my sound and have a good time with it, that’s a trademark and identity enough for me.

What is the story, inspiration and so on behind The First Rebirth, soon to be released on Complexed Records?

After my first major success with the remix of the Niels van Gogh classic “Pulverturm”, I picked up tracks from my past which were my favourits. For example „Sonic Empire” belonged to it as well as “The First Rebirth”. The track is already 2 years old. Was a long way to bring it to an official release. Thnx to Christian Pieters from Bonzai. Now I’m even more happy that the track has finally found his way. Already more than a year ago Arnd alias Drumcomplex came to us and wanted to release the track on his label. After the clearance of all publishing rights, he was the first one we asked if he was still interested in releasing it.

What equipment did you use for the recordings? Does it matter, is the equipment important to you?

I don’t have my own studio, for this reason we work in many different studios. I have my MacBook Pro, a keyboard, Ableton Live and great plugins. That’s enough in the first step.

What for you is a record that fills the floor? One that always works?

That’s a really difficult question that you can’t break down to a single record either. There are so many great tracks make the dance floor shake. Currently I’m an absolute fan of the track “Dance with Me” by Kevin de Vries. Amazing great vibe and takes people on a journey. “Athena” by Hi-Lo in the Ramon Tapia remix is an insane record always works at every moment. So is “Computer Technology” in the Luca Morris & Mozzy Rekorder remix.

What else do you have planned?

We continue to spend a lot of time in the studio and pursue our passion. In April we will release tracks on GAIN RECORDS the label of Francesco Fortuna aka Sisko Electrofanatik and on RELOAD the label of The Yellow Heads. My Main Focus will also be on my new founded own Label “Better With You Music”. We still have some great stuff coming. I’m already looking forward to a great 2023.

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