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Interview: Ephy Pinkman

today25/05/2023 3

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We sit down with Turkish-born, Germany-based techno DJ and producer Ephy Pinkman to celebrate his latest release on KANAK on ADHD. We discuss taking the sober path, how it’s affected his musical output, his studio set-up, the inspiration behind the release and more….

1. How has the year been so far for you?
A damn powerful one, many changes in such a short time, my voice is being heard, my name appearing on many lineups, it was a good year full of lessons and success, i failed, i learned alot, i came, i saw, i break the law and praise the lord.

yea thats it, I’m Ephy Pinkman, the one and only DJ with 50 titanium implants in his spine

2. Tell us about being sober, why it happened and when?

Im sober because i respect drugs, they have so much power. doesnt matter if alcohol or chemicals, it changes you, sometimes for the good or bad
if not taken in a controlled enviroment, i enjoy a good hennessy with a cigar every once a while, but snorting magic fairy dust from görlitzer park aint it

i saw in my friends circles and in clubs how hard drugs change people and how it can take lifes…and how it even turns people into zombies sometimes,
sadly its glorified in the scene and its easy to get lost in it since it became a BeRLiN AeStHeTiC.

Raves should be fun and not a highway to hospital, thats why i dont take it,

ADHD is my drug, i enjoy dancing, and i enjoy going home without a headache 🙂

plus it saves money, imagine all the food you could buy for the money you spent
on drugs!

so yea, i respect the magic powder.

3. What are the advantages when it comes to DJing and writing music?

DJing: you can give people a taste of your energy, its your stage to shine and show your true form and yea, DJs repeat the living hell out of this word “energy”
cuz thats what matters the most Music: you can do alot with it if you learn what music really is, its not just bum bum, you can tell stories with the melodies you write, your music can be the reason someone made it through hard times, stuff to listen to when driving home at night, and it all begins with you!

4. And are there any harder aspects, any challenges that come with it?

Getting better & Developing, thats the only and the hardest challenge, the biggest pressure came from myself since the only task is to make that sound in my head become reality, it caused huge burnouts when i tried developing my sound to the point of my own satisfaction, its clearly worth the struggle, so, keep going!

5. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about following the same path?

Stay true to yourself! develope your own style, its a hard way, but a way worth taking (trust me) and dont be afraid to honor yourself, its okay to say “man i think what i do is good!” people are afraid to honor themselves because their scared of looking “arrogant” its not, its a reward as long as you dont degrade anyone with it 😉

and the most important advice, learn from your mistakes.

6. What inspired your new one on Kanak on ADHD?

A nasty clubbing experience, it was a hot and sweaty club night, my legs and my back hurt, my clothes are fully soaked in sweat while the whole room smelled like cigarettes,clearly a situation where i felt really nasty in the moment, and i remember mumbling “man i hate my body right now”

and to highlight the opposite of this state i came up with “i love my body” where i came home to take a real refreshing shower feeling good and smelling good, all the sweat a pain gone, i thought its a good way to describe these two states with hardtechno and ambient music!

7. Where and when was it written and does that matter, does that change what sounds you make?

Last summer at MBIA Club in august, ehhhh no?

8. What gear did you use to make it – hardware or software, and again does that matter to you?

A Lame laptop on my mamas balcony next to our drying laundry with software only (yep i have no fancy altbau studio) and no i doesnt matter to me
since the outcome of my craft is important!

9. How does production and DJing relate to one another – are they both synonymous, does one inspire the other?

DJing and music making are two different worlds, Music making is made in total silence in your home for hours, DJing with full power and sweat in a loud and crowded room

10. Whats next, what else you working on?

definitely got stuff goin on, but i wont spoiler anything, just wait 😉

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