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Interview: Funkin Matt & Elohim

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Funkin Matt and Elohim are 2 artists who combine excellently when together in the studio. With a recent release “AVA” on Oliver Heldens Heldeep Records, we caught up with them both to find out what it is that makes them work so well together, and what inspired the new single….

Hey guys, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

Funkin Matt: Hey, I’m doing great, thanks. What’s good, music has been much more inspiring for me lately, so much cool stuff coming out. The bad stuff, war in ukraine, high inflation, energy

crisis…etc etc

Elohim: I am well. Very excited for all the new music i am working on. Bad is a constant and I am constantly fighting it. ANXIETY, PANIC, DOUBT, existential crisis’s .. the list goes on 🙂 

What inspired the new one on Heldeep? What was the aim?

It was inspired by lots of things, but we wanted to create a blend of cinematic story driven techno, where we tell the story about AI that is held trapped by its owner. It’s kind of similar to the Ex Machina movie. When I watched that film I just knew that plot would be so cool with a JOI like vibe, this dark monotone but cinematic techno vibe.

Does where and when you write music affect what comes out?

Funkin Matt: I personally write almost all my music in my studio here in Oslo. I’m obsessed with sound, so for me working anywhere else is a bit frustrating. Here I know the room, the setup, the sound, it just removes the worry of anything being off.

Elohim: Definitely! I love changing up my scenery. I actually LOVE writing while driving. But I have this weird habit of every six months or so moving my home studio around. I always track vocals at the exact same space because I know I feel most comfortable and I know I will get the perfect result.

Do you capture your emotions at the time or are they more considered than that, designed with a certain pace in mind?

Funkin Matt: I work very much with experimentation, or concepts. It could be finding that unique sound to build off of, or having that concept like AVA where that sets the mood of the whole track.

Elohim: Emotions for me are ever changing and it is really important for me to get out as much of an idea as I possibly can while I’m in that current emotional state. That can be angry, sad, happy, inspired, anxious. Whatever it is I find that in that exact moment of feeling that emotion heavily is the Ebay time to get the words out.

What gear do you use in the studio to make your music and are you a gear or software nut?

Funkin Matt: My only analog synths are my Moog Sub37, which is the bassline in JOI, and also the main synth in Stephan Bodzins work, amazing fat little synth. And the ARP 2600, which is a bit more aggressive but lighter. I haven’t used this as much yet, but it’s really fun to patch cables and get these crazy weird sounds. Other than that I produce in Reason Studios, which I have for 20 years already.

(Funkin Matt) This is your eighth release for the label – how do you keep it fresh each time?

I love working with Heldeep, it feels like a small family of artists that operates in this niche between bassy house and techno. For my own tunes, it’s experimentation, having fun in the studio, and creating stuff I haven’t heard before. I’d rather use 100 hours to make a track special, then tossing out a new track every week.

Why work together, how did you hook up?

Funkin Matt: Elohim DM’d on IG, she had heard my track JOI, which she really liked. I figured it would be amazing to have her on a follow up, so I asked if she would be down, luckily she was!

Who did what, did you each have your own role?

Funkin Matt: On this one Elohim is AVA, and I’m in the production chair.

Why do you like working with one another? Do you give each other feedback or let you do whatever you want?

Funkin Matt: I feel we just go with what we both like, we haven’t really been critical in any way, just went with the flow of things.

Elohim: I LOVE that FM’s so creatively channeled. He has such a clear and concise idea of what he wants musically and visually. For me, that is the most inspiring type of artist to work with and it is more rare than you would think. I’m greatful to have had the opportunity to work with such a brilliant mind. 

What else have you got coming up?

Funkin Matt: I have new singles upcoming on Musical Freedom, Hexagon, and of course more coming with Heldeep!

Elohim: I am getting ready to release the first single “Breath” off my sophomore full length album. This is the most exciting stage of artistry. To have been cooking up in the studio pouring your heart out yet no one has heard it yet. It’s really exciting!

Grab “AVA” here

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