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Interview: Hard To Tell

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Israeli duo Hard To Tell (Roy Leibovitz and Roi Zarhi) have consolidated their status as THE pair you want to see behind the decks if you’re going out for a night of a lifetime in Tel Aviv. Over the past three years they’ve brought that intensity and showmanship to gigs in Ibiza, Berlin, Brazil, Slovakia, Tulum, Italy, Mykonos among others, and their global takeover is assured with a slew of upcoming releases and an album in work. Following the launch of their new label “Pills On Hills” with their musical partner Nariz, we caught up with the duo to find out more…

Welcome guys. Thanks very much for your time to talk to us. How are you both today?

Hey it’s a pleasure to be here with you. We are feeling great, thank you, hope you are too 🙂

Where are you answering this interview from?

We are talking with you from our studio in Tel Aviv

What’s the music scene like where you currently live? Are things beginning to open up again?

Here in Tel Aviv we have learned how to live next to Covid 19, so all the places are open and clubs are full. The music scene here is back! The best artists from all over the world come to play every week.

Starting at the beginning, please say a few words about yourselves for our Only Techno readers. How you met, how you got into the music industry, etc.

We first met 6 years ago, we hung out at similar places in TLV and then we realized we love some kind of electronic music. It was a natural connection. We understand each other’s vision and its clique. We do everything together and each one of us brings its own impact and style to mutual work. We like the same artist and we are attracted to very similar music.

How would you describe your particular brand of electronic music for those that may be unfamiliar?

Our music is not based on one specific genre, it is a combination of a wide variety of different cultures.

Do you have any releases coming up that you can tell us about?

Yes we have releases coming up real soon and we are really excited about it. The best is yet to come!

We are loving your special edit of The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby that’s been doing the rounds on Instagram over the past few months. What’s the plan for that?

Thank you! We are happy to hear that you love it. For now the edit is available only on our soundcloud page and we keep sending it to the artist we love.


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Let’s talk about production. How does your creative process start when making a new record? Who is in charge of doing what in the studio?

We start all the process of making a new record with two cups of coffee, sitting in the studio and listening to a lot of old & new music from different styles, and when we have a vision we start working. We both do everything together.

Can you take us through a few of your favourite pieces of studio kit?

Recently we are recording a lot of live instruments and also recording our own vocals . our favorite pieces in the studio are the MOOG1, Sequential Pro 3 and Arturia Mini brute2

Are you planning some touring soon that you can tell us about?

Yes we just started to plan our tour for the summer, soon we will publish the upcoming date. Also, we will travel next week to France to play at Alpe D’huez.

Is there anything else you would like to mention to our Only Techno community before you go?

We want to thank you for the interview and we hope you will continue to follow us and stay tuned!

Thanks guys!

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