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Interview: Lion

today08/08/2022 12

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Lion is a young and talented German dj, producer, label owner, and party promoter with a serious passion for everything that involves techno. Evident in everything in puts out, he’s an artist that is for sure one to watch on the scene over the coming months and years. We sat down with him recently to find out how he got into dance music, his label and party brand People of Poison, and his recent single “Penelope”…

Hey Lion, how is summer going for you so far?

Hey guys, thanks for making up time. In fact, summer’s been pretty challenging so far but we’re still achieving goals. I hope to catch myself a small vacation in the next few weeks. Need it badly – reboot and source energy for new projects.

Tell us about your journey into dance music in Germany, the why, how and when’s?

My journey began at the age of 17, being a resident DJ at the Optimol area at Munich East-station. Every weekend I played up to 5 different events or festivals. Rough and wild times, but I would never want to miss them 😉

What makes the german scene unique? Does it have its own special character?

Techno music in its purest form has had most influence in Germany throughout the 90s. Thus, I would argue that our country somehow is the most important anchor for that culture in music.

Tell us about your People Of Poison parties – whats the vibe, who are they for?

People of poison. Energizing futuristic mindsets. Our events offer a space for all those who cannot find themselves in today’s society. Poisoned by false intentions, distorted images of reality and the pain that everyone carries inside to escape all the imposed pressure. A place where love, permissiveness and sharing positive thoughts are paramount. Filling an emotional void by creating a feeling that can’t be written down in words but only can be experienced together. Better follow us on Instagram and see for yourself what our journey stands for. @people.of.poison

And what the sound of the label? What music is right and is not right for it?

Fast. Intelligent. Unique. A fusion of older and newer tendencies blended in on each and every artists personal stylistic.

How important is branding and visuals with these things in 2022?

Unfortunately, I cannot speak for anyone else but our way that we’ve come so far. Therefore in ours or specifically my case – it sure is. Every single from my series in 2022 has a personal note that I put on the design as well as the signature of my tracks.

Do to they relate? Do you try and release music you will play at the party?

Not just to play them at the party. The entire party is dedicated to the new releases, from conception, marketing and presentation up to the actual staging on the events.

Tell us about your new tune “Penelope” and the love affair that inspired it?

Deep one. I created the track as a homage to my first serious relationship, which often boosted me with lots of energy to find my way into the music industry even though I had several setbacks in my first years. Thank you for being there when no one else was. Without the intention of being impolite – nothing more to say.

What else have you got coming up are you working on?

We are about to close this year with our single release series. There will be 4 more releases including music videos, release parties and features.
Most of all I’m looking forward to getting back into the studio after one year of straight on label work. It’s about time. We are also planning to press our first 12 Inch on People of Poison. An absolute heart project. Get on with the flow and follow us on Instagram. People of Poison.

“Penelope” is out now and you can grab it here.

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