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Interview: Massimo Logli

today28/02/2023 22

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Massimo Logli is an Italian DJ/Producer who is based out of Souther Italy. He has had releases on the likes of Freegant Music (UK), Eleatics Records, Blackboard Recordings, and his own label Superba Records. With a new single “The Gift” out now, we caught up with him to find out more about his sound….

Hey Massimo, tell us about the different facets of your sound – indie dance, melodic techno, to techno – how did you come to that?

It was an escalation, an inner journey, where my self found its dimension.


What is your signature sound? What aspect do you like to always get right?

I’ll never have one distinctive sound, I’m in a continuous evolution and that I think I won’t find it, I don’t want to find it, my inner peace.

Is there a certain bit of software or a machine that you always use in your music to get your sound?


A synth like the DIVA was useful for me for Melodic Techno, now however I prefer a safer synth for me, and, most of the sounds are created directly.

What inspired your new one on your label Superba Records?

Oddly enough, the instrument I use the least is the piano, it gave me the right chill when I composed it! A melancholy track in the first part, and, it is an explosion in the second. I hope many people like the release. I have already played it on the dance floor and received a lot of empathy from the audience.

Where and when was it written and do things like that affect the sounds that come out?

It was created one morning, I had just returned from a gig that had left me with little satisfaction. So by chance I created a melancholic riff, just as I had left the gig. But then my inspiration exploded in the second part of the production, freeing me from frustration.

About your label – what is the sound and the outlook?


For the near future definitely Techno, developed with specific original vocals, also spoken, giving positive emotions and feelings.

What are the good and bad bits about running a label?


Superba Records, my label is quite new and I will have to do my best to improve the quality, the catalog and the artists who will sign with us.

The bureaucratic part definitely is the aspect where we have to pay the most attention. That is why at the moment I am only doing releases with my own productions.

What else have you got coming up?

A series Of releases with continuity, the next track will be released soon, it will be the follow up to “The Gift,” and it will be called “Monotony.”

What was the last record you bought and why?

The last record I bought is “Hace ejercicios” by Nina Kraviz. This record has a definition and a rhythm that drives me crazy that enhances the loop of the voice in the Spanish language.

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