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Interview: Senses Of Mind


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We sit down with Belgian duo Senses Of Mind to tan about their Untold Stories label, their creative process, inspirations and more…

How has your year been so far?It’s been fantastic. In January, we had the opportunity to perform at Mia Beach in Tulum, Mexico for the 7Rituals events, where we also brainstormed ideas for tracks, collaborations, and our goals for the year.

Summer is coming, does that change the vibe of music you make and play?

We’re always exploring new musical avenues. Currently, we’re on a quest to find what resonates most with us creatively, regardless of the season.

What inspired the creation of ‘Desert Dreams’ for 7ritual?

‘Desert Dreams’ stemmed from our numerous travels to places like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Beirut. We distilled the essence of those experiences into a cohesive track.

How does your experience playing places like FUSE Brussels and Dour Festival influence your music?

Playing at venues like FUSE Brussels and Dour Festival has been incredibly special for us. The energy and connection with the crowd are unparalleled, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness that influences our music deeply. It’s these moments that leave an indelible mark on our artistic journey.

Can you share the story behind launching Untold Stories label? why now?

Untold Stories started as a series on Soundcloud before evolving into our own imprint. It serves as a canvas for our emotions and reflections in the moment—a true representation of who we are as artists.

What drew you to melodic techno as your signature sound? Have you any formal training on piano for example?

Our fascination with sci-fi films and analog sounds paved the way for our journey into melodic techno. We both started experimenting with musical instruments at a young age, including piano, guitars, and drum pads.

How do you approach crafting your tracks? Where do you start? Do you always have a plan?

Our creative process often begins with walks in nature, deep conversations, or even watching movies. Sometimes it’s a specific idea, other times it’s a feeling we want to express. There’s no fixed plan—each track unfolds organically.

What is your studio set up like?

Our studio setup includes essential gear like a MacBook Pro, Universal Audio interface, Eventide H9 effect pedal, along with hardware synths like the Sequential Circuits Take 5 and Moog Subsequent 37. We also rely on quality virtual instruments and Adam A77X studio monitors to bring our ideas to life.

What music do you listen to outside of the electronic spectrum?

Outside of electronic music, our playlists are diverse, ranging from ’70s classics to pop, old-school R&B, and even orchestral compositions.

What hobbies do you have outside of music?

To unwind, we’re into various sports like boxing, basketball, running, and hitting the gym. We also enjoy watching Formula 1 and basketball games.

What challenges have you faced in the industry, and how have you overcome them?

Navigating through jealousy, exploitation, and societal pressures has been challenging. We’ve learned to stay true to ourselves, maintain discipline, and persevere despite the obstacles.

What’s next for senses of mind and your label?

We’re focused on creating new sounds, touring, and possibly releasing a new album. Exciting collaborations are also in the pipeline!

How do you envision the evolution of your sound in the future?

We’re open to exploration and growth. As we continue to evolve as artists, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of our sound and creating music that resonates with both us and our audience.

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