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Interview: shotgunwedding

today09/06/2023 8

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The latest in our series of interview is shotgunwedding, a DJ and producer from Nashville, Tennessee.

Known for his fun and funny personality and very positive vibes, his music is described as Tech House with a strong bass and beat, including some vocals and signature snares of the House genre.

With a relaxed style and always being true to himself, shotgunwedding likes to break the general codes of the electronic music world with a strong and distinctive personality. The desire to make people have a good time, with a party carefree atmosphere. His way of composing makes his tracks dancefloor-optimized, rather than everyday tunes. To date, shotgunwedding has released music on record labels such as World Sound, Whore House, Nite Records and Twists Of Time.

Hello shotgunwedding, hope you’re doing well! How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

I describe myself as a good time.

What would you tell us about the music you play and make? Is there a message or an emotion you wanted to share with the listeners or a emotions your release will bring out to the listeners?

I put a lot of focus on Tech House. With my music I want the listener to catch a groove and start dancing. My music starts, next thing you know you’re dancing. A real vibe that can put you in a good mood in a crowd on the dancefloor, but can also put you in a good mood alone in your car.

How would you describe your sound when it comes to your releases?

My music varies from a chunky bass, to a catchy vocal, and always has that push to make it come alive. Lately I’ve been using laser fx to drive the track over the top.

You have released music on record labels such as World Sound, Whore House, Nite Records and Twists Of Time, are there any upcoming releases you are currently working on?

Brash Beats (UK) and Digital Empire Records (Peru) are next. In June and July, I have some bangers coming out that range from making you jump at the club to making you smile and dance with your friends.

Do you feel that a music producer has to give a deep value to their music?

For some producers it comes easy, for me it is a tedious process and that adds a lot of personal value.

How does your creative process start?

Starts with the bass. I want the bass lead to define the track. Then let’s get a good kick. About the time the track shapes up I’ll try to think of a catchy lyric that flows right with the music. For example, I have a track called, I’m Not Your Girlfriend and as I would listen to the bass lead I started singing in my head, “You think I’m your girlfriend but I’m not your girlfriend…” I found a girl online to sing it and it really hits. So, it always starts with the bass lead.

How hard has it been to find your own sound and what is its unique signature and do you feel you found it?

For me, I have a few signature sounds but to really put my stamp on it I like to come up with unique lyrics. Anybody in the world can use downlifters, reverb, delay, and other FX. But the lyrics I create come from me.

What are top 5 tracks in your sets right now?

Intervention (my unreleased track), My Favorite Type (my unreleased track), You Name It by Fab Massimo, Absolutely by LO’99, Legion by Eli Brown.

How would you describe current situation on global electronic scene compared to Nashville?

Nashville is taking baby steps. It’s Music City but it’s not House Music City. That being said, you can find it if you look and we have a number of promoters really working hard to keep it growing.

Any upcoming projects you would like to mention? What are your plans for the rest of 2023?

I am sitting on some very good unreleased tracks. I’m taking a vacation in June to go to Turkey, Spain, and Italy. Then in August headed to Costa Rica. At the end of the summer, I’m going to send my best 4 or 5 unreleased tracks to my favorite labels. In May I did a few sunset sets in Nashville and they were very fun. I hope to continue with those then start looking at festival opportunities.

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