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Interview: Subzero

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For the latest interview in our series we welcome young and talented, Florence-based producer Alessandro Meazzini aka Subzero. Subzero discusses the story behind his latest EP you can grab HERE.

Hello Alessandro! Thanks for your time! How would you introduce yourself to our audience?

I’m Alessandro Meazzini aka Subzero.
I am 24 years old and I live in Reggello in the province of Florence.

How has your career started? What led to you becoming a resident for the Essenza disco in Siena?

I still don’t know if it really started.
My passion began at a very young age, around 13 I only listened to electronic music.
in a short time I had only one dream or to become a DJ and a producer. I bought a used mixer of level zero practically.
and I connected my xbox and playstation 2 using the cd i had at home I enjoyed mixing.
overtime I began to buy more professional items and I became passionate about mixing.
I did the first live at a town festival here in Reggello, I think it was the first time you heard techno in a town festival, which surprised a little the few people who were listening there.
within a few months, I started contacting clubs to be able to play and ended up at Woodstock in Scandicci and a few months later at Essenza in Siena.
Inside the club, I knew my friend aka Erob who helped me a lot to take my first steps in the club

You released your first EP aged 17, right? How does your creative process start and how do you seen it develop through years?

Yes, my first ep was released in 2014 and I was 17 years old.
practically when 15 I started going to clubs and seeing special guests on big stages, I wanted and still want to be like them.
and they told me it was essential to start making your own music.
And at that point I started producing with the computer and I was making tracks every day and in that time I met my friend Shadowcomplex who already had a good production experience and therefore he was the person to whom I played all my tracks. and from there, following his advice, I started sending my tracks to record labels.
obviously, there has been a huge development in the last 8 years in my way of making music.
Even if they say I always keep a certain mold.
The real problem is that every time I release a record then I regret it and I think I have released a bad thing.

Tell us something more about your brand new release Loser. How are you satisfied with the feedback?

Well, loser is a very confusing record for me in the first place.
because most of the tracks or the first 5 are tracks that I composed between 2018 and 2019, with the intention of making my first album.
it was a very good year for me musically I had started playing abroad and in my free time I was 100% dedicated to my album, my music project etc.
I wanted to tell what my life was like from 2017 to 2019 which had a notable personal change not on a musical level.
I changed habits and approach to life and it seemed right to me to try to tell my various moods through my sounds.
The album ended in mid-2019 and there were 12 tracks I contacted subsist and we immediately agreed.
Unfortunately, the covid situation turned everything upside down shortly thereafter, I missed many dates abroad and there was a big delay even in the release of the album.
And as I said before, the more time passed and the more I didn’t like many tracks and I started telling him to remove them, plus there were problems with the master.
some time passed and I contacted the subsist again and decided to release Pianto a track of mine that was part of the album list.
A very significant track for me as I had composed it for the loss of my mother.
We therefore decided to release it in their varius artist.
Then we started talking about all the other tracks left there and I decided to put another 3 new tracks.
I decided to change the title to “loser” because I’ve always felt very unlucky.
both as fate and as a person.
and then I thought that that represented me perfectly.
for now I have received some pretty positive feedback and I am very happy about this I hope to receive others from both artists and fans as well as new listeners

How would you describe the current situation on global electronic scene?

Well, the electronic music situation I would say is messed up as far as I know.
since they have blocked everything, I have become very closed in on myself and use music only as a personal outlet.
I can’t organize anything especially here in Italy the situation for live shows is very precarious.
I don’t know how and when it will be possible to return to live electronic music as before but I hope as soon as possible.
I haven’t done a live since January 2020 unless you count a rave done in the summer.
in June it will be 10 years since my first live and I would like to celebrate it.
so I hope that the situation is recovering.

How would you describe your sound?

I always try to make a distressing and heavy sound.
I would like my music to be an uncomfortable experience for the listener.

From all the tracks you released so far, can you name top 5 that you would like to share with our audience and your possible future fans?

I have tracks that I am pleased to have released.
my top 5 is:
Subzero – Stato Animale
Subzero – Pianto
Subzero – L inverno
Subzero – Smarrito
Subzero – Wiskey e Marijuana

What is underground to you?

I do not know. I don’t know what can be defined underground.
I do what I like and honestly at times it seems to me that I have also done things that are easy to listen to

Are you planning some new music? Can we expect your new releases soon?

I have many things to release in fact my first official track will soon be released under the new moniker Kassidy Human Waste with slow and melodic sounds that are not techno at all.
and then I’m working on an ep for 24H Records also under Subzero and I’m trying to make a very strange record


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