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Interview with rising duo Haddadi Von Engst from Los Angeles

today12/04/2023 11

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In the past, Haddadi Von Engst only put out white labels under an untitled guise, but never formal tracks on any electronic music label. During the rise of the pandemic everything changed, and HVE decided on five releases between 2020 and 2021. At the end of 2020, Haddadi Von Engst was formally introduced to the world via Canadian label You Plus One. They instantly made their mark on the Beatport charts with big impactful tracks accompanied by superstar remixers like living legend Rodriguez Jr., Einmusik and Super Flu from Germany. Now they return with their new ‘ill Clinton’ EP.

What inspired your new released one on You Plus One? The title and cover do not deny a certain humour. What was the aim?

We have a six-track release deal with You + One, this is the second installment of that deal, the other four will come out later in 2023. The title was just fun, the Clintons are always in the middle of controversy: Epstein, Lewinsky, Missing Laptops, the Clintons are literally ill.

Does where and when you write music affect what comes out?

Yes definetly, the music is a direct window into our souls, if you want to see our interpretation of the world, just listen to our music.

Do you capture your emotions at the time or are they more considered than that, designed with a certain pace in mind?

Raw and pure emotions, we don’t manufacture feelings, what comes out is exactly what it is.

You provide the release with a cool Ron Flatter remix – what makes the remix a good companion?

Ron Flatter is a Legend, his interpretation of what our original was is brilliant. We are fans

Why are you guys working together as a duo, how did you hook up?

We have been working together for years, we compliment each other in the very best way, and the fact that we are very close friends makes everything that much sweeter.

What else have you got coming up?

We have a total of 6 releases this year on You + One, the next two releases will be in June and August.


Grab your copy of the release here.

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