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Interview with T78

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T78 a.k.a Manuele Tessarollo, is an Italian DJ and producer, with an extensive background in the music industry. His unique way and approach to techno in combination with his impressive level of production quality shot him to fame in the techno scene.

By showcasing his energetic grooves, he takes his audience on a musical journey – constantly moving and evolving.

T78 is set to perform at Terminal V on October 29th in Edinburgh

We’ve heard that one of the ways you shot into the scene so successfully is due to your outstanding level of production quality. Can you tell us how you became so masterful in this area, and what you do to maintain/improve this?

Thanks for the great compliment, but it is true! haha I believe it is the only way I know to succeed to put all my best effort in everything I do. I started as a Dj in the early 90’s but after a few years I realised that if you want to be internationally known, you need to produce your own tracks. Since my first track, I always have had great support, which made me invest more time and passion into the studio. Luckily the result paid off!

In addition to producing, you’re obviously also a very skilled DJ. Do you enjoy either one of them more than the other?

I was born as a DJ and still have a huge passion as a track selector. I will always enjoy spinning somebody else’s music. I still collect a lot of vinyls from certain era’s and play them at home to get inspired or just for fun! But nothing gives me more satisfaction to create my own music and play it out loud to my crowd. The energy which gets returned gives an enormous satisfying feeling as you might imagine.

Congratulations on your release of ‘Retro Future Vol. 3’ earlier this year, would you consider any of these tracks to be the definition of #onlybombs and why?

Well, my goal is that each T78 track is born as an #onlybombs tune! It is important for me to keep the energy level and wow factor in each track from start to finish in whatever direction the track goes. I try to mix certain elements of my passion into it. For example in “Europa” the mix is modern peak-time techno with late 90’s hard trance and if you listen to “Human loves me” it is again peak-time techno but this time melted with early hardstyle.

Your singles have been supported by the likes of Carl Cox, Ritchie Hawtin, and Pan Pot – but are there any DJ’s out there that you’re dying to collaborate with?

I really respect all those names you mentioned and it’s crazy that my tracks have been supported by legends like them. But in this case their music has never really matched with my own taste. If I have to choose with whom I would love to sit down and collaborate in the studio, Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri. Both have a huge impact on my musical background which started between 96 and 2004 so I would definitely love to spend a week in the studio with them. Can you hook me up?!

The music industry as a whole took a huge hit due to lockdown. What has been a standout event for you in this post-pandemic world?

It was a strange time and I hope we can leave it behind us for good. In the moments I was able to perform, there were plenty of good events. However Colombia was a big big welcome in October 2021 when almost everything in Europe and the UK was locked down. When it all started to open up again and I finally could play at Terminal V Easter edition, it was definitely the best event before the Festival season. The energy and atmosphere of the crowd who were louder than my music was something which I will never forget. I’m really looking forward to coming and partying with them again!

How excited are you to be performing in Edinburgh for Terminal V in October?

Scotland is wicked, the people are so outgoing that last time was one of craziest things I experienced. Full packed hangar and reactions on every bomb I threw, but when I played my remix for ‘the Outsiders’ it felt like I played the National Anthem. I can’t wait to play there gain #ONLYBOMBS

Tell us what projects you’re working on or what else we can expect from you!

There is always something cooking because I normally play only my own productions. I need to create new music each month to surprise my audience. At the moment I’m working on a few collaborations with some very interesting names and unexpected names. Further I’m working on a #onlybombs show, which will be full night entertainment. As always I will do my best to create something extraordinary and surprising, but you will hear more about this in the near future.

We’d love to know how your label ‘Autektone Records’ is doing, what have you been up to and is there anything new we should be looking forward to?

I’m super proud of how Autektone has become a respected name in the industry in such a short time. With Autektone we try to present a diversity of techno and a platform for good techno! At this moment I’m compiling the tracks for Tektones11, which is definitely a compilation that delivers high quality techno by new talented producers and the established. Further we have a lot of singles scheduled, a little sneak preview is in the first months of 2023 we’ve scheduled a new Motvs, a new ROBPM followed by another T78 4 tracks E.P. Loads of good stuff coming to you!

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