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Interview: Yulia Niko

today22/06/2022 8

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Following a run of critically acclaimed releases on the likes of Watergate, Crosstown Rebels, Scenarios, 8Bit, Orianna and In The Mood, amongst others, boundary-pushing Ibiza-based DJ, producer and Mixmag cover star Yulia Niko now readies the latest weapon in her ever-expanding musical arsenal with the announcement of a huge new remix for Moullinex & GPU Panic’s immense house cut See Me Burn.

Due for worldwide release on Friday, June 24 via esteemed Lisbon-based imprint Discotexas, Yulia’s remix sees the globe-trotting producer offer up her own resplendent interpretation of the mind-bending, six-minute single, as she puts her inimitable stamp one of the biggest house tracks of 2021.

Delivering a beautifully nuanced underground house cut, awash with luscious organic textures, restrained rhythms and a blissful groove that bolsters the record across its duration, Yulia’s remix is an absolute masterclass from the off. Subtle yet majestic, the remix is produced with the poise and elegance of an artist who has been captivating minds with her music over the past few years – an artist whose ability to link innovative production with consensual reception making her one of the most unique and original figures in the game.

Hello Yulia! Thanks very much for your time to talk to us. How are you today?

Hello there! I am better than ever…it feels so great to be back to Ibiza for a season and to see all parties rocking the island.

Please can you introduce yourself quickly to our Only Techno readers?

Hello readers, my name is Yulia Niko and I am DJ and producer from Germany. I am into mixing different styles of House music into one mix, ready to take you on a sound journey through old school records from the 90s, through to melodic modern techno.

Happy vibes is my motto.

Where are you answering this interview from?

I just moved to Ibiza a week ago for the next 4 months. It’s Tuesday and I just woke up after a long night at DC10. You know just Ibiza’s routine. Haha. In general, this year is super busy and I am not even sure if I will be able to spend a week back in Germany. But I really like my lifestyle and how it’s all turned out after the pandemic.

How would you describe your particular brand of electronic music?

I believe I have my own style, which I can’t even describe myself. But the key is just to stay true to myself and be real, positive and happy. I think people on the dance floor are feeling it even without hearing you talking. I really care a lot for everyone having fun, even if those are my friends in the DJ booth or strangers on the dance floor. The same as my production, I try to keep uplifting and bring a positive message into the world.

How has 2022 been for you so far? Any particular highlights?

I think in general every day in the last 6 months has been like a dream. I’ve been getting news about some solid gigs like Coachella or Amnesia Ibiza, or I was actually going and making it.

But two biggest highlights are that I finished my first debut album and we launched our new label “Scenarios”. Which I think is a level up for my career.

We’ve just checked out your amazing new remix for Moullinex & GPU Panic. Can you talk us through the release and how it came about?

This is actually a really funny story. I always check promos that labels send me to my email, and try to comment on them, as I know it’s very important. Once I saw a promo from Moullinex “See Me Burn” and I wrote something like “wow, such a nice record, great material for remix”. I did it without any intention and I didn’t even expect such a great producer to want my remix.

In 2 weeks I got an email from his manager that they saw my comment and they wanted my remix exactly on this song. It was hilarious and of course I said yes right away. But the best part of the story, we also got in touch and after 3 weeks we met for dinner in Lisbon and decided that in exchange for the remix we will do a collaboration track on my upcoming album. So it’s not over, the next record with Moullinex is ready and you will be able to hear it I guess by the end of 2022.

How does your creative process start when making a remix like this?

That’s the easiest part. For me it’s hard to work when I don’t have some inspiration like vocals or synths. They send me parts and I made it groovier and more “dancy” Basically, just some editing that I can play myself in peak time. I hope you like it.

We understand you’re based in Berlin in the winter. Outside of the obvious music spots, what are some of your favourite places to hang out in the city?

For the last two years I spent most of my time in Tulum and Miami. Berlin changed a bit after the last two years, and lots of new places popped up. But in general, I like most places and shops in Berlin, it’s such a unique city with high quality food and very fair prices. I would recommend checking out my favorite Enzo Sushi and Peruvian restaurant Lila. I miss my Berlin’s life…

Are you planning some other new music and projects soon that you can tell us about?

As I mentioned, the album incoming at the end of the year. Some other EP’s on “Scenarios”, my remix for Nhii on Flying Circus plus a very special remix for African girl Desiree.. I have more requests now but I think I also need a little break and reset after the album.

Any final words for our Only Techno readers?

Stay cool people and come to Ibiza to dance with me this summer!

Love. YN

Moullinex & GPU Panic – See Me Burn (Yulia Niko Remix) will be released on Discotexas on June 24. Pre-order here.

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