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Jacob Groening’s record label, Kamai Music, drops a new organic house EP from K2W0

today06/05/2023 24

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Jacob Groening’s record label, Kamai Music, drops a new organic house EP from K2W0 which also features remixes by SAQIB, Lost Boy and Jacob Groening.

K2W0 is an emerging talent from London, UK who has been turning heads with exquisite releases on Magician On Duty, MONADA, KataHaifisch and Talpa Records. His style blends poignant melodies with trippy atmosphere and flowing percussion. He is a well-travelled DJ and producer whose music takes influence from the different cultures he has experienced.

SAQIB is an American artist from Brooklyn who has a stripped-back and techy sound with immersive atmosphere. He has featured his downtempo style on labels ranging from Sabo’s Sol Selectas to BLOND:ISH’s Abracadabra Music.

Lost Boy is a Canadian artist whose sound fuses dreamscape melodies and lush organic sounds with shuffling percussion rhythms to create downtempo house with uplifting atmosphere. His music takes influence from his Asian heritage and he has featured on record labels such as Bar 25, Kosa and Sol Selectas.

Jacob Groening is an internationally respected artist from Germany who regularly travels the world as a headline DJ. His eclectic sound ranges from downtempo electronic to melodic house and everything in between. He is also a talented producer who along with releasing via his own Kamai Music has also worked with Earthly Delights, The Gardens of Babylon, Cosmic Awakenings and 3000 Grad Records.

“Aint No Sunshine” is a jazz-inspired track which fuses a sensual saxophone sample with soulful vocals washed in psychedelic effects. Built upon an acid bassline and framework of upbeat percussion, it’s a forward-thinking piece of dance floor orientated music with timeless elements.

SAQIB’s indie dance remix of Aint No Sunshine adds a chunky new bassline and dramatic snare hits. Removing the saxophone, it focuses on the original’s vocals and a sparkling new melody synth.

Jacob Groening’s remix of Aint No Sunshine is a restructured version of the original with a stripped-back sound that removes the saxophone, which unfolds with a purposeful precision that transforms the track into a streamlined version that’s perfect for DJ use.

“Sometimes” has chopped-up guitar chords that fade in and out to create a lo-fi groove that’s accompanied by a fluttering saxophone, poignant piano chords and bluesy vocal phrases. The sequenced percussion creates a solid foundation that ties the parts together while filling the track with forward momentum.

Lost Boy’s remix of Sometimes is a refined version that pushes back the original’s guitar to create a deep atmosphere where the vocals have space to take centre stage. It’s a stripped-back version with the addition of an uplifting synth melody that’s introduced in the second half of this light and breezy remake.


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