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Kiesza’s New 2024 Single “Strangers” Is Her Best Yet

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Kiesza, the worldwide recognized artist behind “Hideaway,” is about to leave you speechless. In her latest single of 2024, “Strangers,” she once again showcases her brilliant talent as a singer, songwriter, and storyteller.

Breathtaking Panoramic Shots

If you remember her previous video for “Heaven Ain’t Calling,” Kiesza took her fans to a vintage 1920s party. But this time, get ready for something different, a stunning full-color cinematic masterpiece!

Under the direction of D. Gregor Hagey, my favorite scenes are the ones where the singer is shown in panoramic shots and her wild horse ride. Clearly, the mountainous landscape of Wyoming sets the perfect backdrop for these visuals.

Altogether, it feels like a snippet from a romantic Western movie. From the wardrobe to the video location, I’d dare to say the inspiration comes from traditional cowboy culture.

Kiesza Strangers

The EP: ‘Dancing and Crying Vol. 1’

Kiesza has dropped an awesome EP with 6 tracks titled ‘Dancing and Crying Vol. 1.’ Indeed, it’s got an awesome mix of Dance and Pop melodies that perfectly capture the essence of this material.

Obviously, “Strangers” is part of this project, and its lyrics talk about finding unexpected comfort with someone you don’t know. It’s like describing the magical healing of a broken heart in a nutshell.

Dancing And Crying: Vol. 1 Kiesza

Singing That Reaches Out and Touches You

What blows my mind is Kiesza’s vocal delivery. You can tell she pours so much passion and energy into it, it gives you goosebumps, for real. In “Strangers,” you’ll also notice hints of Folk music, but with a more upbeat and modern twist.

In conclusion, her creativity is off the charts, and she’s showing it with enthusiasm. Plus, I ain’t even exaggerating when I say this track is one of her best compositions to date.

Kiesza is on another level!



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