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^L_ – Eyes of The Old Man [ MTDN Audio Rec ]


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There are hard workers, and then there is ^L_ .

The Berlin-based techno powerhouse has essentially turned the genre on its head, and has risen to elite status with his mix of industrial beats.

His work has been translated into massive underground techno bombs. Speaking of which, his latest release, Eyes of The Old Man is out on MTDN Audio Rec. Grab it HERE.

The EP starts with the title track Eyes of The Old Man , a standard heavy tune with its doofy kick, thundering low end, and eerie metallic pads. Aggressive samples complete the track and perfectly set the tone for the rest of the release. Dark pads will make the dancefloor burn.

Next up, Ghetto Entropia takes a completely different route, going in an almost psychedelic trancey direction. The pads are similar in tone to the tittle, but when combined with the melodic arp and other pads, creates a much different atmosphere. Upon first listen, this was our favorite tune from this EP.

Mongrel Dog is much more stripped back and atmospheric, but with an extremely brooding bassline. When the break comes, you’re expecting the filter to open up and the bass to smash your face in, but instead, it continues deep and brooding. Back are the eerie pads and a grimy offbeat acid line. Plenty of chunky percussion in there to tie it all together.

Overall, just freight train techno right into your cerebellum. No holds barred.

We couldn’t miss the chance to find out more about this release from the artist himself, so we asked a few questions.

Tell us something more about the release and the inspiration behind it.

The record portrays an episode that happened to me that year. I was walking home from the studio when I was approached by an elderly homeless man. he accompanied me to my destination while we talked about life. He told me he was a rich and successful man, but due to several mistakes, he ended up losing everything: work, family, health (due to alcoholism). at the end of our conversation, as we said goodbye, he said to me: “look at me, look at my eyes, you know what this is: it’s the eyes of the old man.

This story impressed me so much, that I recorded this record in two weeks.

How are you satisfied with the feedback so far?

Happy and impressed. I’m rarely satisfied with my tracks. So, it’s gratifying when people like it… it’s like they want to tell me I’m wrong… it’s like they’re trying to show me to relax more.

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