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Metodi Hristov Drops ‘Modern Dystopia’ on Set About

today21/07/2023 8

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Following a string of internationally celebrated releases on the likes of Awesome Soundwave (Carl Cox), Filth on Acid (Reinier Zonneveld), Senso Sounds (Oliver Huntemann) and his very own Set About imprint, Bulgarian techno icon Metodi Hristov, now returns to his Sofia-based label once more, for the release of his latest hard-hitting single, Modern Dystopia.

Out now, Modern Dystopia is another high-impact techno gem, bred with rave-inspired synth leads, trippy acid intricacies and computerised vocal lines. A captivating slice of dynamic, avant-garde techno from one of the most prolific artists on the circuit, this latest record from Metodi is a peak-time offering that embodies the chaotic and unpredictable nature of a world dominated by machines and algorithms.

The track opens with a pulsating bassline that sets the tone for the rest of the song, and as the beat intensifies, the listener is greeted with epic, sweeping pads that evoke a sense of something significant to come. Robotic female vocals chime in, speaking of machines, translation, systems and analysis, alluding to a world in which technology has taken over and left humanity in its wake. The vocals continue to repeat the phrase “fuck these algorithms”; a rebellious cry against the cold, calculated nature of the digital world.

One of the most steadfast contributors to the scene, Metodi’s palate presents a unique blend of forward-thinking techno and raw, modern soundscapes to create something wholly authentic and instantly recognisable. Demonstrating a level of technical finesse and creativity far beyond his years, he has built an impeccable catalogue of stand-out records across an impressive array of industry-leading labels. A firm favourite for the likes of Filth on Acid, Awesome Soundwave and Senso Sounds, to name just a few, the Bulgarian powerhouse has shown emphatic form over the last couple of years, returning to these imprints with a string of critically acclaimed techno weapons.

Metodi Hristov – Modern Dystopia (Original Mix) is out now via Set About. Grab it here!

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