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Newcomer Sonnee drops eagerly awaited debut EP ‘Your Love’

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A fresh talent earning early support from luminaries and listeners alike while still in his early 20s, Sonnee drops his eagerly awaited debut four tracker ‘Your Love’.

On new label Attack Decay Sweet Release (from the mgmt team behind Model Man and Lawrence Hart), the EP is full of feeling and a breath of fresh air – each track working as a standalone but together creating a multi-faceted, multi-genre release.

The EP features ‘Leave The Water Still’ which earned Jaguar’s ‘Dance Floor Moment’ on BBC Radio 1 and heavy support across DSPs. A high acid-rave vocal spikes a rhythmic and rounded bass with brisk percussion, as a piano melody ripples through it. ‘Say It Now’ is an intriguing, engaging track; a pulsing, rolling beat stays rooted to earth while chopped-up, manipulated vocals hold an essence of grainy soul and synth notes skip around it.

‘Your Love”s ambient soundscape was captured on a portable sound recorder. The feeling of the city bustles through the track, as the melodic percussion is immersed in foley from the capital’s nightscape. Closing the EP is ‘For Violet’. A gentle start with a rain shower of soft chime progressions, before moog-y distorted chords bound and blend around the sweet, breathy vocals.

The EP has been made over a transitory period of my life as I moved cities changed jobs and started a new relationship. Each track is very different, representing different types of love’ Sonnee says. ‘Leave The Water Still’ is about self-love and acceptance, ‘Say It Now’ is the exciting infatuation stage of a new relationship, ‘Your Love’ is that real love and contentment, and ‘For Violet’ is about family. I think the EP captures all the yearning, hope, melancholy and joy that you feel when going from one chapter to the next.’


  1. Leave The Water Still
  2. Say It Now
  3. Your Love
  4. For Violet

‘Your Love’ EP is out Friday 20th May on Attack Decay Sweet Release.
Save/stream it HERE.

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