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Reggaeton Artist Anitta Collaborates With Bad Gyal

today04/06/2024 2

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Imagine what would happen if you spot the Reggaeton artist Anitta with the one and only Bad Gyal on a beach in Miami. Well, there’s no need to imagine anymore because it’s happening! They’re singing their hearts out under the moon and the crashing waves in a brand new music video called “Bota Niña.

The Addictive Rhythm of “Bota Niña”

If I’m not mistaken, this style called Reggaeton lento is something we’ve heard before in Bad Gyal’s discography. Clearly, we can compare “Bota Niña” with her 2020 hit, “Aprendiendo El Sexo,” however, this smooth and sensual rhythm becomes even more addictive this time around with a dream collaboration.

I’m talking about the most famous singer in Brazil, Anitta, whose songs always make an impact and never go unnoticed. When her voice combines with Bad Gyal’s, it’s like opening a beehive full of sweet honey that instantly attracts fans craving new Latin music.

reggaeton artist anitta

Dazzling Visuals and Dance Moves

Even though this jam was originally released in March, I think it suits the summer season better. Actually, the music video says it all.

Both Anitta and Bad Gyal are dancing on the sand, moving their hips with delicate and daring dance moves. Their outfits look fantastic, just like the performance they deliver in these visuals directed by Didi Domenech.

On the other hand, the Spanish lyrics of “Bota Niña” revolve around feelings of intense attraction and seduction. There’s not much depth in these verses, it’s more like something you’d listen to when you want to feel uninhibited and empowered.

Bota Niña
In a nutshell, the catchy melody and everything I just mentioned makes “Bota Niña” easy to dance to.

And if you’re really obsessed with Bad Gyal, well, she’s currently on tour in the United States, so I recommend you check out her social media below.



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