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Time Warp – Best Sets at Time Warp’s 30th Anniversary (with videos)


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The highly anticipated 30th edition of the Time Warp made for an unforgettable experience earlier this month. The legendary techno event took place across six different floors of its home venue with a meticulously curated timetable, cutting-edge production, attendees from all over Europe and legendary artists in paired sets, exclusive bookings, old favourites and many more.

In this article we have highlighted some of the best performances of the weekend, and you can watch them back below. The next Time Warp edition takes place in October.


Pan-Pot delivered an electrifying journey of pulsating techno rhythms, seamlessly blending hypnotic melodies with driving basslines, keeping the energy high from start to finish.

Adam Beyer

The legendary Adam Beyer heads up the Drumcode label which his known for its funky and heavy techno and that’s what he served up as he commanded the dance floor with his signature pounding beats and dark, atmospheric sounds

Juliet Fox

Juliet Fox played with rhythm and sound to draw in the crowd and keep her selections fresh and her evolving. as well as some classics, she dropped plenty of new school hear

Chris Liebing & Speedy J

Chris Liebing & Speedy J are no newcomers to Team Warp. They are both titans of the scene who drew on all their vast experience and joined forces for an intense, industrial-tinged performance that pushed the boundaries of techno with their energy and experimental soundscapes.


This flame-haired Berghain favorite crafted a hauntingly atmospheric set in which he blended ethereal melodies with pounding rhythms to create something full of emotion but also force. A real standout.

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