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Unbelievable Mix: Dual Diagnosis Blends Rock & Rap In Epic Style


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“Nature Of The Beast” ain’t your average tune! Produced by Mad Mike from the duo Dual Diagnosis, this track boasts an unusual yet epic fusion of Rock and Rap.

Through its unfiltered intensity, catchy rhymes, and introspective verses, the twists and turns of the mind unravel in the entire composition.

Exceptional Flow

The action and effect of venting is visible in the black and white music video accompanying the single “Nature Of The Beast.” Besides, the artist’s flow is exceptional, strongly belting out each word.

Not only that, but both the performance and visuals perfectly match the song’s concept.

Dual Diagnosis
“Nature Of The Beast” revolves around all those complicated things that go through our heads. As the seconds tick by, you’ll eventually realize that it all seems like an internal dialogue.

Moreover, it’s also an invitation for listeners to free themselves from their inner demons and overcome any mess they have in life.

Mental health is a big deal in society, and Dual Diagnosis tackles it artistically through their music.

Rock and Rap Fusion in Modern Music

As a matter of fact, the blending of contrasting sonic textures creates something unique. Plus, the raw intensity and genre-bending experimentation magically resonate with a diverse audience.

Likewise, the rebellious spirit that lies at the heart of both genres results in a song filled with exorbitant energy. No doubt, these styles are also the perfect means to express oneself introspectively, just like Dual Diagnosis does in “Nature Of The Beast.”

Nature Of The Beast Dual Diagnosis

Mark Your Calendars, New Music from Dual Diagnosis

As a side note, just a few days ago they dropped a new track, “Patient On The Run,” which will also be part of their new 6-track EP, ‘Nature Of The Beast.’

So mark your calendar for June 13th and get ready to keep listening to new songs filled with raw emotions and brutally honest words. It’s gonna be a wild ride!



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