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today25/08/2021 4

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The last couple of days we have installed our own audio server and we are broadcasting live to our streaming server. We have better control now over all programs which are running now on our website. Now we are ready to receive more mixes from our deejays and we can blend them together in our programs in the website. The last couple off days you heared some switch of the audio, this is when we were testen the audio servers. Our apologies for this interruption. The next couple of days we will test if everything is working as planned.

Please promote us! We want to build a nice radiostation for all Tecnno & Tech House lovers were you enjoy listening to.

We see that you listen from: United States, Netherlands, Germany, Philippines, Switzerland, Republic Of Moldova, Spain, France, Russian Federation, Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Austria, Colombia

Big thank you for listening!

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